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Niseko Resort Holdings' bilingual staff members provide a range of advice and service backed by many years of real estate and property management service and experience in the Niseko region. Niseko Resort Holdings assist first time investors to seasoned property developers with their property acquisitions and ongoing management of their asset(s) in Niseko. Niseko Resort Holdings' involvement varies from client to client; from initial consultation, to asset acquisition, to delivering a full-service property management package including revenue and ROI strategies.


No two properties are the same. It is simply not practical to blanket each property with the same property management agreement. Niseko Resort Holdings tailor property management agreements based on each property and how that property owner wishes to use their property; flexibility is key, services and fees are tailored on a case by case basis. Niseko Resort Holdings offer property management solutions specific to each owner.


Niseko Resort Holdings' staff members have a combined 30 years+ experience developing lasting working relationships with many service suppliers, both local and Sapporo based, to ensure property owners are getting the best of service, expertise and value for money.


Niseko Resort Holdings work with property owners to maximize their yields. Niseko Resort Holdings' management of holiday rentals is unique; Niseko Resort Holdings take less in management fees and booking commissions to put more back in owners' pockets. Get in touch with us to see how Niseko Resort Holdings differ.

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