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Niseko Resort Holdings understand​ that not all property owners share the same goals. Accordingly, the type of property and investment opportunity that each property represents requires a tailored approach to better enable owners reach their goals. Whether it is investment driven or a lifestyle option, a tailored response is needed.



Niseko Resort Holdings provide property management services for residential & commercial properties and lodges & hotels. Whether it is your holiday home, a rental property, or a commercial investment property, Niseko Resort Holdings provide the necessary services that will assist you with reaching your goals.



Whether it through fixed-term leasing, holiday letting, staff accommodation, or commercial tenancies, Niseko Resort Holdings provide you with relevant and comprehensive options to assist you with maximizing the best possible yield and ROI. Niseko Resort Holdings' primary objective is to generate an income stream that best suits your property.



Niseko Resort Holdings operates as a licensed Japanese travel agency and Minpaku license holder, offering guests personalized holiday options backed by many years of experience and local knowledge. Through unique holiday-letting solutions, Niseko Resort Holdings are able to maximize revenue streams and provide property owners with greater returns. Niseko Resort Holdings tailor services and commission structures to each property owner based on their unique set of needs.



Some property owners prefer to manage their own bookings. To assist these owners, unlike other property management companies, Niseko Resort Holdings provide a unique service by assisting these owners with a range of services such as check in/out, cleaning and ground services.



Niseko Resort Holdings complete regular and comprehensive property inspections, and when required are able to deliver fast and effective maintenance solutions. Competent and experienced bilingual staff members work with local government licensing bodies to ensure that your investment meets all the necessary legal requirements; Niseko Resort Holdings ensure your property is maintained to these high standards.



In recent years, there has been an upsurge in land and build packages as more and more foreigners see Niseko as a great year-round holiday destination. There has been significant growth in the custom-home market. There is an ever-increasing need to provide investors with accurate information and on-the-ground liaison and project management services at a reasonable cost. Niseko Resort Holdings have been busy in recent years providing such services.

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